01Micro and Nano Product Foundry Services

The MEMS experimental processing and testing platform includes a grade 100/1000/10000 purifying service area for processing and testing, which is more than 500 square meters. The platform is dedicated to the processing and testing of devices and materials in micro and nano scale. It has a complete 6 inch semi-automatic MEMS process line, basically has a complete set of processing, production capacity and can provide customers with professional overall R & D solutions.

This platform is mainly for research and development needs of scientific research institutes and companies,The service has involved many fields: bioelectrode field - flexible recording / stimulating electrode, biochip field - microfluidic, medical micro needle field - microporous / micro needle / micro column, sensor field, photoelectric device field, ceramic packaging integration field, electrochemical surface modification, etc. The semi-automatic MEMS process line is basically equipped with a complete set of processing and manufacturing capabilities, and can provide customers with professional overall R & D solutions.

The platform has advanced processing, characterization, testing and packaging capabilities of materials and devices. Abundant equipment resources include UV lithography, electron beam lithography, hot pressing / UV nano imprinting, FIB, maskless laser direct writing, film deposition, dry etching, deep silicon etching, supercritical drying, step meter / film thickness gauge, thinning machine, bonding machine, wafer cutting machine, laser welding, universal material testing machine, etc.






2 可实现玻璃+PDMS键合、硅+玻璃键合、玻璃+玻璃键合,良好 的气密性确保毫无漏液情况发
Medical microneedle field - microporous / micro needle / micro column

It can directly process silicon materials, photosensitive resins, quartz glass, metals and other materials into raised or depressed microstructure units.

Sensor field

Sensor for terahertz detection, feature size 2+ microns

Photoelectric device field

Various gratings, optoelectronic devices, etched silicon array pitch 600nm, uniformity 10nm (Figure 3)

Ceramic packaging integration field



Electrochemical surface modification