One-stop Solution System Provider for Personal Epidemic Prevention
At the critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic,CAS-Envision has upheld the initial intention to benefit mankind with science and technology. We combined our advantages of the medical sterilization experiences and the medical-standard facilities,together with the rapid integration of resources, developed and produced various kinds of medical goggles,medical face shield,medical protective clothing,etc. Now,we are equipped with tremendous delivery ability in the million production level with complete certificates,reliable quality and high performances.We are now committed to the professional one-stop solution for personal epidemic protection,and provide epidemic prevention products including medical goggles,medical face shields,medical protective clothing,gloves,face masks, and SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid detection kit,UV disinfection products and so on all over the world. We are doing our best to contribute to the global anti-epidemic work.

Medical Isolation Goggles

GLYZ-Y:Dual anti-fog,it is made of food grade material, with no peculiar smell and no allergenicity,with one-way breather valve.20% larger than average,suitable for all ethnic groups.

GLYZ-F:Fully enclosed design, without breathable valve, dual anti-fog.

Medical Face Shield


Medical Protective Clothing

Masks and gloves

Other anti-epidemic products

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Commitment: All our products are produced by CAS-Envision and our cooperative original factories. All products have passed strict qualification examinations, and have been exported in massive quantities with guaranteed quality. We have strong delivery ability and products are high cost performance/price ratio. Welcome to contact and consult!